Day 30 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Previewing the idea for a new Kwills crewneck for this year.


Branch out

Day 29 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Like a plant needs water an artist needs to feed themselves physically and mentally to grow.
Keep growing & evolving.


Over Under

Day 28 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

adidas is celebrating the Superstar’s 45th anniversary this year with a lot of releases.
It is a staple shoe for every trainer aficionado.

But to truly celebrate the Superstar it comes down to proper lacing.
It pains me to see a lot of people just put them on straight out of the box.
This is the biggest mistake you can make because you’re wearing the shoe but you’re not ROCKING it. It shows you’re not giving the shoe the credit it deserves.
Proper lacing is the icing on the cake.

So for this time i will let you newcomers in on the best way to lace them.
– First you pull out the laces before you even put on the shoe.
– Then put your foot inside the laceless shoe.
– You take the lace and you lace up the first holes so you have a horizontal line.
– Here comes the tricky part the next step is to go over to the second hole and pull it under.
– Get it? Over and under.
– Repeat this untill you’re satisfied.

This tutorial also applies to other styles of trainers.




Day 27 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Decided to drop the line-art for today and just focus on the black and white parts.
Your mind will fill in the blanks.



Day 26 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

This might be a bit belated but nevertheless Happy Australia day to my Aussie friends!



Day 25 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

One of Mike Mignola’s finest.



Day 24 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

As of today Crooked Tongues is no more.
So in honour of the good times spent on the CT-forums and meeting a lot of CT-members in real life i pulled out the adidas ZX9000 CT of aZX-series.
Salute to the CT fam!


Original photo

Store 548

Day 23 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Yesterday we had our store’s party.
It was a good one, salute!



Day 22 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

It is always good to practice drawing nudes.
This is all done for artistic purposes.



Day 21 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Thank you again Berlin for the hospitality.
Many thanks to all the people i spoke to, hung out with and drank beers with, all boss.

Special shout-out to Oliver for the Jam Master Jay/Run DMC idea.