Day 353 of the drawing challenge.

Rebel Series Pure Sang no1


Grey Sky

Day 351 of the drawing challenge.

Yesterday night saw a big fire in my town near the harbor which released a huge amount of asbestos.
Due to a shifting wind a huge part of the downtown area is closed off untill saturday morning due to decontamination and cleaning.
Lots of these fellows walking around making the scene look like loads of Blue Sky’s being produced.



Day 350 of the drawing challenge.

A colleague of mine was talking about sabretooth tigers today so that sparked the idea for today’s drawing.
Inspired by Jim Kagel’s sculpture for BoneClones of a sabretooth cat.



Day 349 of the drawing challenge.

This is how i roll.
Fiat 500 0.9 65 Lounge.


Fight the power!

Day 348 of the drawing challenge.

Public Enemy still remains one of my favorite hiphop groups.
They brought consciousness to the people and created awareness of a lot of social issues which sadly remains in this day and age.
Blast some PE, get educated and don’t believe the hype.