Day 186 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Summmertime equals stoop chillin’.



Day 185 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Sneakers Magazine and Kangaroos combined forces on their first collaboration with the Omnicoil II model.
The colourway is reminiscent of Nike’s MR-V model which in this case isn’t a bad thing.
Set to release today at selected dealers.
I’ll be at Afew-store this evening to witness the fitness.



Day 184 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Sean Price rest in power.


Polly Esther

Day 183 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Polly Esther of the infamous Samurai Pizza Cats about to whack someone over the head with a fryingpan.
Still a huge fan of the show with its absurd humour, awesome designs and silly characters.



Day 182 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

What better way to acquaint yourself with a new medium than to draw textures?
Subject is Finn, the texture’s cathair and the medium’s brushpen.
Pretty fun to do.



Day 181 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

I have stepped out of my comfortzone of using the Artline pens and for the first time used a brushpen.
It takes getting used to especially since i’ve been drawing 15+years with pens and it’ll take quite some time to master it but even so it is a fun pen to use.
Bear with me on this one.

Oh yeah Molotow Markers make girls do weird stuff.


Only built 4 Cuban Linx

Day 180 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Raekwon’s album “Only built 4 cuban linx”.
This album next to Method Man’s “Tical”, GZA’s “Liquid Swords” and Ol’ Dirty’s “Return to the 36th Chambers” (the latter 2 albums also 20 years old) remains one of the best first solo albums of every Wu artist after their classic album “Enter the Wu-Tang”.
In my humble opinion.


Screaming Hand

Day 179 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

In 1985 Jim Phillips created the Screaming Hand.
He was drawing his clenched left hand and was thinking about how powerful the hand is for artist with its gestures to express emotions.
He added the screaming mouth to make it even more powerful.
The rest is history.

Happy 30th anniversary!

For this piece i drew my left hand like Phillips did.
Best to learn from the master.

To read more, click here



Day 178 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Whoever saw the movie “The Warriors” knows not to mess around with the Baseball Furies.


Daily Operation

Day 177 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

You know my steez.