Day 263 of the drawing challenge.

When i’m travelling for work i always enjoy visiting skateshops.
So when i was in Amsterdam yesterday for the Grolsch400 workshop i had to pop on down to Ben-G.
Kind people and awesome shop.


Fluffy ball of fury

Day 262 of the drawing challenge.

The greatest and not so greatest thing especially when it happens during your sleep thing is that kittens can get into these flying rage balls like the Tasmanian Devil and bounce around the room as if it’s a real life pinball game.


The new explosive

Day 261 of the drawing challenge.

Nike released the whole shebang on the Lebron 12 shoe today.
I have to say i like them and can’t wait to try on the NSRL ones.


A bridge too far

Day 260 of the drawing challenge.

70 years ago Operation Market Garden went into effect (september 17 – 25, 1944).
It was the largest airborne operation up to that time.
The Allied military operation was unsuccessful because they couldn’t get a hold of the last bridge at Arnhem.



Day 259 of the drawing challenge.

Somebody got new glasses.



Day 258 of the drawing challenge.

To continue the lineage of the Nike Air Huarache shoe, this one is the most interesting.
The Nike Air Huarache Burst is actually a hybrid between the Air Max Burst and the Air Huarache Light.
As i recall correctly (please do correct me if i’m wrong) someone at the former CrookedTongues forum wittingly mashed these two shoes together and somehow Nike made it happen.
This one is the AD21 version (AD21 stands for the Nike concept store in Tokyo around early 2000) which celebrates its 10th anniversary and is also my grail shoe.