Day 295 of the drawing challenge.

Special Qualified Unit of Analog Drawing


Lacegame proper

Day 294 of the drawing challenge.

So many people walking around nowadays with great shoes but poor lacing.
If you can’t lace your shoes properly you’re better off walking around barefooted.
It’s the icing on the cake
Master your lacing techniques on a pair of Puma States; if you can make those look impeccably laced you can make any shoe look good.



Rodent beatbox

Day 293 of the drawing challenge.

Today i saw a clip of a beatboxing squirrel which had me in stitches.
Hence the drawing of a beatboxing squirrel.


“Don’t worry, Scoob.”

Day 292 of the drawing challenge.

I always loved watching the ScoobyDoo cartoons.


Billy Hoyle’s shoes

Day 291 of the drawing challenge.

Today saw the first retro release of the Nike Air Command Force.
For the layman not that special but anyone who has seen “White men can’t jump” know about this shoe.
And Nike luckily stayed true to their origins by including a functioning Air-Fit pump technology.


Forsake the Heavens

Day 290 of the drawing challenge.

This is me moments for the release of a limited shoe i really want.
And during the moments after having it in your cart waiting in an online queue to check out.