Day 87 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

The missus likes butterflies and asked for a close-up of one.
This is a Birdwing Butterfly.


Monmon cats

Day 86 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

The missus came across this site: Monmon cats
Two of Horitomo’s great passions got combined, tattoos and cats.
The word Monmon is a Japanese term for tattoo and the term Monmon cats perfectly describes his tattooed cat art.
This is my humble take on a Monmon cat which is actually our kitten Finn.


Air Max day

Day 85 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

The missus’ pulled out her Air Max Coliseum Racers to celebrate Air Max day yesterday.
These are her favourite Air Max shoes especially in the summer.



Day 84 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

This one is for wednesday.
The weekday name Wednesday derives from the Old English name of the god: ‘Woden’s day’.
Woden is the Germanic chief god, distributor of talents and god of wisdom and war, Odin is the Old Norse counterpart.

The god who watched out and cared for men.
Each morning two ravens flew out across the earth and returned in the evening.
Seated on his shoulders, the ravens told Woden what they have seen and heard.


Wayang doll

Day 83 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

At our house we have a few wayang dolls.
Wayang golek is the traditional West Javanese performance of the wooden rod puppet.
Performances of shadow puppet theatre are accompanied by a gamelan orchestra in Java.
The term ‘wayang’ is the Javanese word for shadow but in modern daily Javanese and Indonesian vocabulary, wayang is most often associated with the puppet itself or the whole puppet theatre performance.
However there is a difference between ‘wayang kulit’ (shadow puppet) and ‘wayang golek’ (wooden doll puppet) with the former being flat and often made of a leatherhide or cardboard and the latter being sculpted as a 3D doll.



Day 82 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

We watched “Guardians of the Galaxy” last night (again) and the missus wants to have Groot drawn.
Daning baby Groot it is.

FYI for any non Dutch speaking folk, the word Groot in Dutch means big.


AF1 Liberty

Day 81 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

These are one of her favourites.
The combination of the AF1 mid and the Liberty print was a no-brainer for her.
Relaced job by yours truly.



Day 80 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Spring is in the air (almost).
And when the snowdrops are popping up end of the winter you know spring is coming.


Tattoo machine

Day 79 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

The missus started on her new tattoo project.
Her left arm is getting inked up by the talented Rory Pickersgill.
The line-art is on there and believe you me it’s looks amazing.



Day 78 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

This is one the missus’ most favourite childhood toys, a Popple.
Wellknown for their cartoon The Popples in which fluffy teddy bears use their pouches on their backs to transform into a ball and pop back again into their original form.