Why can’t he?!

Day 172 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and Thrasher’s “Why can’t my boyfriend skate?!”.


Wear the Lightning

Day 171 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Things seem to ease out quicker than expected especially when left in hands of specialized craftsmen which gives me the opportunity to slowly squeeze in the drawing challenge again.

It really felt like ages that i drew something although it has been 9 days ago, never knew i missed so much untill i put the pen to paper today.

This is one is for the Nike Air Presto “Trouble at home” aka the Lightnings.
When these released i was at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium and to tie those two together i took the classic Metallica album “Ride the Lightning” and flipped it.
Rock on!


On hold

Due to a different workschedule, loads of design work and the start of our house renovation for the upcoming months the access to my workspace is limited.
So i have decided to put the drawing challenge on hold untill everything eases out.
Apologies for the inconvenience.


Body Count

Day 170 of the 2017 Drawing challenge.

Last friday i saw Body Count at the Graspop Metal Meeting and i always loved this song.
Next to Copkiller.



Day 169 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Somehow i always had this feeling that toucans are just dressed up parrots.


Tio Salamanca

Day 168 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.


– Hector



Day 167 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Great thing about drawing is i can use any (hot) model and kit her out as i see fit.
And ofcourse to experiment with new designs on apparel too.
Shay Maria is always a sight for sore eyes.


Skatt Slumbers

Day 166 of the 20915 Drawing challenge.

Today i was drawing a lot of cats and doing online research when i stumbled across the laser cats.
What better combination than a cat and Scott Summers aka Cyclops from the X-men?!
Meet Skatt Slumbers aka Psyclops from the X-cats.


Art thief

Day 165 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

In case your favorite Miffy print got stolen there are a few left in the webstore.



Day 164 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Today at Woei’s the second member of the Cervidae family was released.
The Onitsuka Tiger Colorado85 shoe which sports the similar colorscheme as his predecessor the Asics Gel Lyte III.
Great work from the Woei-crew again!

This shot was from last thursday evening at the store.