Cute as a button

Day 202 of the drawing challenge.

Sometimes i do wish i could “kittenfy” our cats, would be too awesome to have those little bundles bouncing around.
Alas, here’s a drawing of one.


45 years of Mooning

Day 201 of the drawing challenge.

On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin & Michael Collins made their way to the moon in the Apollo 11.
Buzz and Neil decided to stroll around and shoot some selfies and what not.
Anyhow, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” and “to infinity and beyond”.


What’s that, Jarvis?

Day 200 of the drawing challenge.

It has been a very long time (2006) since i’ve drawn anything comic related in this complexity.
Thought it’d be fun to try again.
Iron Man battling a Chitauri flying slug thing.



Day 199 of the drawing challenge.

It is always fascinating to see that certain vehicles play an integral part in movies and TV-shows.
You can ask for any sub character and you hardly remember anyone but the vehicle always stands out.
Today it’s everyone’s favourite, courtesy of Doc Emmett Brown.


Hit like a brick

Day 198 of the drawing challenge.

Footpatrol is releasing their collaboration with Nike tomorrow in the form of the Huarache Light.
I am really looking forward to this one because it ticks all the boxes; a nice understated less is more colour scheme which is easy to combine with any wardrobe and it is a breeze between the multicoloured releases at this moment we are bombarded with, a touch of 3M and a speckled midsole.
This one will definitely stand the test of time.



Day 197 of the drawing challenge.

On TV i saw a clip of manta rays swimming filmed from beneath them.
Their shapes resemble a kite to me so this drawing is a boy flying his manta ray kite.