Ms Heisenberg

This could be the Breaking Bad porn parody, Breaking Bed.


Short top

Just found this lady online.
Chillmodus on, modelface.



As most of you must’ve guessed it’ll be quite the Herculean task to catch up with this year’s drawing challenge.
With all the upcoming projects i sadly don’t have as much time as i would like on the Drawing challenge.
That’s why i’ve changed it on here to a folder named Drawings 2015.
Irregularly drawings and sketches will be uploaded no worries.

Today is trying to get back to the swing of things with a Shinobi.


Paddington Bear

Day 187 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Paddington Bear, OG roadman.
Keepin it gully.



Day 186 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Summmertime equals stoop chillin’.



Day 185 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Sneakers Magazine and Kangaroos combined forces on their first collaboration with the Omnicoil II model.
The colourway is reminiscent of Nike’s MR-V model which in this case isn’t a bad thing.
Set to release today at selected dealers.
I’ll be at Afew-store this evening to witness the fitness.



Day 184 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Sean Price rest in power.


Polly Esther

Day 183 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

Polly Esther of the infamous Samurai Pizza Cats about to whack someone over the head with a fryingpan.
Still a huge fan of the show with its absurd humour, awesome designs and silly characters.



Day 182 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

What better way to acquaint yourself with a new medium than to draw textures?
Subject is Finn, the texture’s cathair and the medium’s brushpen.
Pretty fun to do.



Day 181 of the 2015 Drawing challenge.

I have stepped out of my comfortzone of using the Artline pens and for the first time used a brushpen.
It takes getting used to especially since i’ve been drawing 15+years with pens and it’ll take quite some time to master it but even so it is a fun pen to use.
Bear with me on this one.

Oh yeah Molotow Markers make girls do weird stuff.