Day 209 of the drawing challenge.

What the Wizard says…


Fly cold

Drawing 208: Fly cold

Another 1980s favourite series was Airwolf in which the vehicle outshone its human counterparts.
Sleeker and more lethal than its non-affiliated predecessor Blue Thunder.
On a side note, i miss those synthesizer-played themes from that era.


The power of Greyskull

Day 207 of the drawing challenge.

One of the many cartoons i loved to watch was He-Man.
But somehow i never understood his haircut, minimal armour and don’t even mention the Speedo-esque furry briefs.
So this is my take on him; aged to somewhere around his forties, dropped his armour, grew a beard, got a few tattoos, knotted his hairdo and added some scars.
THIS is a He-Man, the other was a He-Dude.


Hose ‘n tricks

Day 206 of the drawing challenge.

Hot day, some hose and lots of water.


So long

Day 205 of the drawing challenge.

Guess which movie i watched?


To the Big man

Day 204 of the drawing challenge.

Happy birthday, Paps!